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We offer Termite, Pest Control, Wildlife Removal, Lawn Treatments, Flea Treatments, Mosquito Treatments and Property Management
Call now, First new customer today receives a free soil sample, a $49 value.
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8050 Old Kings Rd. South Jacksonville, Fl. 32217

Lawn Questions

Why do you hire different pest control companies and get the same results?
  • Most local companies are owned by a national company- Total Spraying is owned and managed by John Hesford
  • The competition spends 8% on the products that keep your lawn healthy- Total Spraying has no cap on the product we apply to your yard.  
  • Our competitor's mas mix the chemicals and hire a tech with 5 days of training to spray your yard- Total Spraying technicians mix their products according to your lawns needs.

How can they treat my lawn without a soil test?
  • A soil test allows us to see what nutrients your soil is lacking. 
Are you looking for a mowing service? We can refer a company in your area. Call Ashley for a local lawn mowing company.

Pest Control Questions

Am I worried about the chemicals? We care about your health as if you were our family. I use these products in my home, around my son, wife and German Shepard. If you are not experiencing problems we spray a natural product

Why is Total Spraying different than other pest control companies?
  • Our technicians rotate the products
  • We attend pest control classes on a regular basis
  • Total Spraying will spare no expense buying the best products

Termite Information

  • Free Termidor treatments to all new customers, a $250 to $3,000 value. Termidor treatments are performed every ten years. 
  • All pest control companies inspect your home yearly. Total Spraying inspects the outside of your home quarterly and the inside yearly.
  • We install advance bait traps in problem areas, a $99 value.