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Total Guard

Total Guard- Protecting your biggest investment

In Home Pest Control- Exterior treatment

  • We treat all accessible eaves.

  • We remove cobwebs and wasps nests.

  • We inspect your home's exterior to identify potential pest problems.

  • We apply pest control materials around the perimeter of your home, liquid and granular

  • Snake away around the perimeter of the home

In Home Pest Control-Interior treatment

  • We treat entry points such as doors and windows.

  • We bait and dust all kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

  • Spray inside with customer approval (excluding homes with fish and birds)

  • We treat select outlet covers.

  • All interior water sources.

 Pests Covered- Roaches, Palmetto Bugs, Ants, Carpenter Ants, Silverfish, Spiders, Earwigs, Pantry Pest, Rodents, Wasps, Bees, Snakes, Bed Bugs, Fleas and Ticks

Termite Package- Free termite treatments & booster

Termite Inspection- Inspected Once a year and treat if needed

  • Treat  Interior &  entry point, wall voids, switch plates, around plumbing and barrier treatment

  • Trench and treating, foaming around interior pipes, and installing monitoring stations

  • Retreat warranties included in every package, Repair warranties available

  • Products- Termidor

Termite Monitoring- Quarterly & Treatment if Needed

  • Products- Advanced Bait Stations
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Lawn Guard

Total Lawn Guard- Improving your Neighborhood

Fertilizer Applications

  • Dry Fertilization Spring & Fall

  • Liquid Iron Treatments in between dry fertilization

  • Potash during winter treatments

Insect & Lawn Rodents Suppression

  • Controls turf damaging insects

  • Mole Crickets

  • Chinch Bugs

  • Sod Webworms

  • Ant Suppression

  • Flea Suppression

  • Moles (on premium package)

Broad Leaf Weed Suppression

  • Existing weeds and prevention of new

Invading Grass

  • Sedge Grass (Product- SedgeHammer)

Disease Control

  • Brown Patch

  • Grey Leaf Spot

  • Dollar Spot

  • Fertilizer - Specially formulated for Shrubs & Ornamental

  • Pest Protection & Disease Control

  • Palm & Sago Not Included
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