Do I need to be home for the first treatment?

For the first treatment, an adult will need to be home.

Why am I billed monthly for bimonthly or quarterly service?

We bill monthly to lower the cost for our customer. Customers can choose to pay for the full service.

Is your spray safe in my home?

Yes, Our spray and most of our products are safe as long as you follow the instructions. This is why you want to hire Total Spraying. When mixed with water, these products are only strong enough to kill small insects. You should keep all children and pets out of the room while you are treating.

Is this product an instant kill?

Our spray is not a contact kill. It does take some time to affect insects after they contact a treated surface.  They will die within a few hours up to 24 hours.

Is your spray safe to use on baseboards? We have a crawling toddler?

Our spray is one of the safest and most effective products, which is why it is so popular.  You should always have children and pets vacate the room while you are applying the product.  Once the product is dry, which usually takes about 30-45 minutes, it is fine to allow children and pets back in the room.  These products are only strong enough to kill tiny insects.